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Firstly, we provide professional end-to-end services, striving for long-term relationships, referrals and recommendations.  So, we don’t just post adverts, we ensure access to all the information required.  Equally important is completing all obligations and going the extra mile when needed.


We are in a strong position to source real estate and real estate investment. Firstly we differentiate ourselves by sourcing the best intelligence on the island.  This is due to  established relationships with tenured Mallorcan companies and specialists on the island. This may seem obvious however, the local community is quite closed.  Yet it is the best source of intelligence not in the public domain. We don’t rely on adverts, we look to proactively initiate long-term trusted relationships.

Real estate in Mallorca & the Balearics is experiencing a boom right now. In addition, these are exciting times to seek and sell plots, projects & investments.

Most of all we know you need accurate information.  So, we have armed ourselves to provide you the best level of intelligence and skills.   Therefore we will source the best fitting investments for you.  In addition we ensure you have the best skills and local knowledge complete the project.  As a result we will help deliver the ROI you need. Relationships with the tight knit Mallorcan community are especially relevant.  Basically, these relationships give us access to information that isn’t in the public domain. In addition, we leverage close collaborations with tenured, home-grown professionals.  For example, architects, surveyors, construction companies, finance houses and property lawyers.  As a result we can provide full lifecycle services to deliver the ROI you need.


Naturally, yachts and property often come hand-in-hand, often from the same buyers.  So we also broker luxury yacht charters and yachts for sale.  In order to maximise our reach for investors & yachting tourists, while giving you security we also collaborate with all the MYBA brokers & Central Agents across the whole of the Balearics. In addition, we maximise reach for investors communicating with CA’s around the world. Further to that, if you are an investor needing renovation services, our relationships extend to the full range of yacht service companies. A large number of yachting tourists and investors come from the UK, so we are dedicating some time reaching out to the UK market.

Content and Information

Our website hosts a great selection of yachts & property. However, with the volume of assets we have access to it is impossible to include everything on the site. Therefore we host enquiry forms which you will find in the menu bar above and can use for FREE consultation and sourcing services. Naturally you can also communicate through our contact page.

We also intend to grow our blogs page  to create a community for knowledge sharing.

Why Mallorca:

Why Mallorca for Yachting Tourists?

Yes, Mallorca is a paradise island yet, in addition to that, it is central to the rest of the Balearic Islands.  Hence, the island is idyllic for luxury yacht charters. Also, due to continued investment in its facilities, Mallorca is increasing its global reputation.  As a result its status with luxury tourists is amongst the best.

Why Mallorca for Yacht Investors ?

So, due to increasing demand, the shipyards continue to invest and expand.  As a result, Mallorca has world class facilities for megayachts and luxury superyachts. In addition to world class facilities for super and megayachts are the same class of facilities for all vessels.

In addition to its tenure, the location of Mallorca seems like the perfect destination for luxury yacht owners and investors.  The perfect destination to dock for services, pleasure or to visit and buy a yacht. The commute between here and the Caribbean is popular because it gives the best of both paradise island seasons.  Alternatively put the yacht in to the care of a shipyard for the winter.  As a result, you can consequently enjoy Mallorca’s autumn sunsets, mild winters and the colourful springs.

Why Mallorca for Luxury Homes ?

Because buying a home is all about location, paradise island Mallorca seems like the ideal location.  If researched carefully, this certainly can be true.  On this paradise island, we find romantic fincas, luxury villas and fashionable townhouses. We find tourists who have stayed in luxury holiday rentals in Mallorca often become investors. When it comes to this paradise island, Mallorca has so much appeal to investors due to the quality of life and the island’s beauty:

  • Turquoise seas embrace the shores of the island.
  • Green mountains stand proudly along the east side of the island
  • Rural landscapes and villages carpet the whole island.
  • In addition is a selection of culture rich towns and cities.

Due to coming out of a period of recovery the property market seems optimistic but cautious.  Hence, our addition of the categories for property investment .

Why Mallorca for Plots, Projects & Investments

Investments in Mallorca can be very lucrative, as long as you do your due diligence. We can give you exposure to the broadest range of plots, projects, hotels and investments in Mallorca.  We display a small selection here, because a lot of the information we source is sensitive and fast moving due to high-demand. So we also offer FREE personal and confidential sourcing services. These can be initiated via our enquiry form or contact page accordingly. To ensure you invest wisely, we also work with a network of homegrown specialists. We work with tenured local architects, lawyers, surveyors, finance houses and construction companies. Therefore ensuring the most tangible sources of critical intelligence and skills. This ensures the best understanding of all regulatory requirements and processes.  In addition, this secures the resources you need to complete the build and achieve the R.O.I. you need.

Hotel Investment

We are particularly excited about hotel investment opportunities as we can give you access to unique intelligence and resources.  These can be boutique hotels through to multimillion-euro investments relevant to investment funds and capital investors.  Investments include ongoing concerns, hotels in debt needing new ownership, hotels with plots licenced to build and rent (which is rare and high value due to tightening of the regulations).  Hotels of all sizes and all locations of course include seafront / seaview locations.  We also offer you hotels outside of Mallorca and the Balearic islands.  Initiate our FREE consultation and sourcing service via our enquiry form or just contact us.

Blogs & Information Sharing

In order to create an information sharing community, we invite you to comment on posts and post your own blogs.

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