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Feb 21 2018

The nautical city of Palma de Mallorca and the origins of its name

Palma & The ‘Catedral La Seu’

The Nautical City of Palma de Mallorca is an international hub for maritime activity and yachting.   The Catedral La Seu (Palma Cathedral) overlooks the Bay of Palma as if it were it’s own moat.  The Cathedral’s construction uses local sandstone which is a mixture of sand and chalk. As a result of this mixture the stone gleams golden when the sun sets.

The year 1230 marks the start of the cathedral’s construction to fulfill a pledge the Christian army’s pledge during their successful conquest of the island. The Cathedral has a magnificent rose window.  In addition its filigree spires and turrets stake claim to the ‘town of the Moors’ named ‘Medina Mayurka’ by the Arabs.  A powerful statement that the nautical city of Palma is now in the hands of the Christians.

Palma de Mallorca

Being an Island Mallorca’s maritime history is lined with invasion resulting in several name changes   Palma’s original Roman name ‘Palmeria’ means ‘The Palm of Victory’.   Mallorca’s capital city is now officially ‘Palma de Mallorca’ due to its christening in the 20th Century.

For a small paradise island Mallorca’s Capital city is quite unexpected.  It does actually feel like a mini metropolis with busy streets and bad parking.  However, it’s beauty and character preside above all of this. Wide tree lined streets bless the city including palm trees, orange trees, pine trees and more. The town is full of beautiful well kept parks and fascinating original architecture.  The centre boasts a unique and vibrant atmosphere with boutique shops and plaza’s offering an amplitude of alfresco dining opportunities.   Then there are the shady, windy streets of the old town which is over 700 years old.

Another feature presiding over Palma is the circular Castell de Bellver.  The Castell has a perfect view of the Passeig Maritim and the boats moored in the marina.  Due to Palma de Mallorca’s nautical history, being an industry leader on the yachting map is its natural course of progression.  The yachting scene is a major influence over the future of Palma de Mallorca and the whole of the island.


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