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Feb 06 2018

Mallorca With Wind in its Sails

Paradise Island Mallorca

From Sant Elm to Cap de Formentor

Mallorca is a mini cosmos, with its own unique culture separated from Mainland Spain by the Mediterranean Ocean.  A paradise island is always something special, therefore people often want to escape to a lifestyle in Mallorca.  Looking in to the coast of Mallorca from it’s shores you get a sense its mystique, hence why yacht charters are so popular around Mallorca.  Furthermore take a look at or from the mountains of Mallorca and you get another enchanting viewpoint of the island.  From Sant Elm to Cap de Formentor is the longest distance in Mallorca at 68 miles point-to-point.

A Perfectly Sized Playground

from the Coast of Mallorca to the Mountains of Mallorca

Mallorca is Just 1,405 square miles (3,640 km2) in size.  Consequently it would fit into sicily seven times over.  Its also around five times as big as its little sister, Menorca.  Finally, its length and width mean you are never more than an hours drive from the furthest part of the island.  So the island is around 68 miles (110km) at its longest point from Sant Elm to the Cap de Formentor.  In addition its 37 to 56 miles (60 to 90km) wide.  Therefore if you want a peaceful life in rural Mallorca or in the mountains you are never going to be too far from a village or town for conveniences.  Furthermore this makes the coast of Mallorca and the mountains of Mallorca playgrounds.

Mallorca’s location is especially relevant as it seems like the centre of the world.  It is the same distance from Barcelona as it is from Valencia and Algiers at c. 124 miles (200km).   Furthermore it is equally close to Europe as it is to Africa.

Windmills of Mallorca

From the Air you will notice three things that are typical of Mallorca.  The first is the fantastic, clear light, and blue sea.  The second is the green patchwork making up the islands rural landscape and the island’s mountains.  Mallorca has two ranges which run parallel to one another from North to Southwest and from East to Southeast.  Then there are Mallorca’s windmills.  Hundreds of them encircle Sant Joan airport.

They are in fact water mills which among other functions had the job of draining the airport site.  Some let their sails droop sadly, some have been reduced to stumps, whereas others stand tall in their in their fresh coats of blue and white paint, proudly presenting their sails to the wind. Windmills are a loyal companion in Mallorca, found everywhere except in the mountains and have become a true symbol of the island in the full sense of the word.  Because these typical, functional farm buildings denote the true nature of the largest of the Balearic Islands.


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